Our Values

Social Responsibility is about recognizing and addressing the needs of all stakeholders and groups which are affected by the activities of our organization.

The company will uphold its commitment to integrate socially responsible values and concerns of stakeholders into our operations in a manner that fulfils and exceeds current legal and commercial expectations.


Being open to all stakeholders about the interests and processes of our organization.


Treating all stakeholders in a reasonable and equal way.


Involving all groups who are affected by the company and its activities in a relevant decision making process.


Responding to any concerns of stakeholders in a swift, clear and effective manner.


Being honest and open and sticking to agreed terms and principles.


Valuing and promoting diversity in terms of gender, cultures and race. Being willing to accept and apply differing and new approaches in day to day management.


Being responsible for the company’s actions and being able to trace back our activities and related impacts.